HardscapingJust lawns and gardens aren’t the only things that make up your yard; hardscape is what gives your land a sense of structure and architecture. It’s called hardscape because we use hard materials like rocks, stones, bricks, wood and concrete to create an entire landscape. Accents like ponds, water fountains, statues and small pathways though the lawns are a part of hardscape designs.

A Trusted Brand

Secret Garden Designs have experts who specialize in creating an artistic landscape design, working with the plants and the grounds to build something that blends in with nature and looks beautiful at the same time. We’ve worked in various projects in Clifton Township and the towns of Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon and the surrounding cities.

Our many years of dedicated service have earned us the trust of our long-time clients across Moscow, Scranton, Clarks Summit, Dalton, Mayfield, Dunmore and Montdate. We also serve Customers in Monroe, and Luzerne County. We repay that trust by ensuring we maintain excellent quality throughout. We pride ourselves on having rated high on customer satisfaction.

Why Hardscaping?

  • Safety: Building boundary walls around your place of residence or business is the best way to ensure safety. It also accords a certain level of privacy.

  • Aesthetical beauty: Stone and rock ideally placed amongst the green, charming little pathways and fountains add to the beauty of the landscape.

  • Improves architecture: Landscape edging, paths and boundaries clearly define the architecture of your garden, yard or grounds. It gives it a structured appearance and also controls the vegetation.

  • Low maintenance: Once installed, hardscape requires little to no maintenance. It is sturdy and can withstand all weather and unlike the softscape surrounding it, the installations are easy to take care of.

A well-planned combination of softscape and hardscape can create a beautiful-looking garden that can be you own oasis in the hustle and bustle of life.

Hardscape Designs Services Offered

HardscapingWe’re an old hand at hardscaping and know just how to lay down the bricks and stones to compliment the land and bring out the surrounding greenery. Hardscaping is the first step you need to take for any landscaping plans. We provide a wide range of services to our residential as well as commercial clients that include:

  • Constructing boundary walls
  • Driveways, walkways and paths
  • Retaining walls
  • Installing fountains and small ponds
  • Making brick, stone or concrete pavements
  • Building garden fences and arbors
  • Providing gazebos and patio designs
  • And many more

Focus on Excellence

Our team of designers have years of experience behind them. Our workers are precise and quick with their masonry work. Together, they create landscape masterpieces. Our main focus is on ensuring the quality of our work. We also focus on:

  • Meeting the customer’s needs and design demands regarding landscaping plans
  • Providing modern and current design concept
  • Personalizing and customizing to fit different client tastes
  • Providing high quality materials
  • Ensuring timely service

For more information call Secret Garden Designs at 570-842-2600. We’ll be happy to be of assistance to you!

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We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding regions of PA:
  • Clarks Summit, PA
  • Dallas, PA
  • Kingston, PA
  • Moosic, PA
  • Moscow, PA
  • Mt. Cobb, PA
  • Wayne County, PA